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 NetControl Software


Supported Devices

Key Benefits

TCP/IP Interfaces

System Requirements

Serial Device Servers





NetControl Projector Control Software

Key Features

  • 2062 supported devices
  • Multiple device control
  • Lamp and filter life reporting
  • Schedule lamp and filter maintenance
  • Customized status report generation
  • E-mail alarm message
  • IP Control System

More Features


  • Current version:
    NetControl 2.9
  • Platforms:
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

System Requirements


Software Updates

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NetControl Projector Control SoftwareNetControl is a universal projector control software and IP control system for projectors, network projectors, flat panel displays such as LCD Monitors & TVs and Plasma Displays, and other controllable audio visual equipment. The NetControl AV control system helps to manage and control hundreds or even thousands of projectors over a LAN or WAN.

NetControl supports the PJLINK projector network protocol and proprietary projector protocols from over 37 different manufacturers.

Supported PJLINK projectors and flat panel displays:
Supported projectors and PJLINK device list

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Non-proprietary Universal Projector Control
Comprehensive List of Supported Devices

Get the complete list of supported projectors, network projectors, HDTV & SDTV Plasma Displays and LCD Monitors and TVs. NetControl provides driver support for over 2062 different device models (LAN and RS232 models).

NetControl projector control software, media control system

A powerful graphical user interface gives you important information about your projector devices. Many useful control and management functions are provided through the database driven control manager, event manager, status report manager and the anti-theft control feature. NetControl®, the IP AV control system, gives you the ability to do remote maintenance from your computer without actually seeing the device.

NetControl projector control software, media control system

NetControl is designed to run in 24/7 projector control and management applications. The unique design of the NetControl® software allows you to control your equipment from another building, town, country or continent. Enjoy the freedom of easy projector control through a TCP/IP network. Bitlogix Net Control, the IP control system, is designed for university campus, classroom control, government facilities, rental applications and medium to large sized companies with multi-floor and even multi-building presentation applications.

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