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We help organizations to manage, secure, and analyze critical  IoT infrastructure and to improve their IT security.

Bitlogix provides to customers IT security & cybersecurity services, IoT device management products, infrastructure security products based on advanced analytics and AI technologies. We develop network management software platforms and IoT end-point monitoring solutions. 

Bitlogix delivers a comprehensive range of infrastructure security solutions for government, banking & finance, utility & energy, industrial, commercial, health care, hospitality, transportation, and education markets. 

Bitlogix offers cybersecurity solutions to identify and rapidly mitigate security risks.

Interested in effective cybersecurity? 

We offer certified cybersecurity services such as cloud security assessments, security audits, threat intelligence services, PCI DSS security audits, IoT device audits, and penetration testing. Our security consulting services are provided by experienced senior security experts. 

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