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NetControl® Network Management for IoT Display Devices

The Bitlogix® NetControl® IoT device management platform is a comprehensive and powerful AV control and monitoring solution designed to provide all of the tools necessary for the management of IoT display devices on private or public networks. NetControl® integrates the management of different types of devices, such as multimedia network projectors, flat panel displays such as LCD Monitors & TVs and Plasma Displays, device servers, and media control devices in one product.

NetControl® supports the PJLINK network protocol
and of over 37 manufacturers' proprietary network device protocols.

Get the complete list of supported IoT devices, network projectors, 4K, HDTV & SDTV plasma displays, flat panel displays, LCD monitors, device servers, media control devices. NetControl provides driver support for over 2100 different device models.

NetControl® is designed to be deployed in large IoT control and monitoring scenarios. The unique design of NetControl® allows the control management of IoT equipment in private and public data networks.

Bitlogix Network Projector Control

Bitlogix® Net Control® was developed for university campus applications, government facilities, rental applications and medium to large sized companies with multi-floor, multi-building, and multi-campus management applications.