Bitlogix NetControl IoT Device Management 

The Bitlogix NetControl IoT device management platform is a comprehensive and powerful AV control and monitoring solution designed to provide all of the tools necessary for the management of IoT display devices on private or public networks. Bitlogix NetControl integrates the management of different types of devices, such as multimedia network projectors, flat panel displays such as LCD Monitors & TVs and Plasma Displays, device servers, and media control devices in one product. 

Bitlogix NetControl supports the PJLINK network protocol
and of over 37 manufacturers' proprietary network device protocols. 

Get the complete list of supported IoT devices, network projectors, 4K, HDTV & SDTV plasma displays, flat panel displays, LCD monitors, device servers, media control devices. Bitlogix NetControl provides driver support for over 2100 different device models.

Bitlogix NetControl is designed to be deployed in large IoT control and monitoring scenarios. The unique design of NetControl allows the control management of IoT equipment in private and public data networks. 

Get your Bitlogix NetControl trial software today and control and manage network projectors, video and data projectors, plasma & LCD displays for 30 days. No strings attached. IP control system install made easy!

Bitlogix Network Projector Control

Bitlogix Net Control was developed for university campus applications, government facilities, rental applications and medium to large sized companies with multi-floor, multi-building, and multi-campus management applications.

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