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Governance, Risk and Compliance
GRC Assessment Platform

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance is the integration of risk assessment, compliance with standards to mitigate risk, and oversight of continuous compliance monitoring. The Bitlogix GRC platform allows you to stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance and industry standards and helps transform your inefficient processes across your organization into a unified Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program.

Bitlogix Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity Assessment

The Bitlogix GRC platform simplifies the complexity of assessments, by leveraging its intelligence in merging and mapping cybersecurity frameworks against the existing and future posture of your organization. It provides automatic tracking of all gap remediation efforts, along with full control of road-map development, based on simple answers to a sophisticated tool that queries your environment.

Bitlogix Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Improve your organization's overall risk posture by gaining greater visibility into cybersecurity risks across your organization. Collect, analyze, aggregate and rank individual security risks with an estimate of the impact and the likelihood, then assign an owner and develop your mitigation strategy. A properly maintained risk register provides a useful vehicle for communication.

Bitlogix Compliance & Audit Management

Compliance & Audit Management

Manage a wide range of audit-related activities, data, and processes in a single, comprehensive framework. You have the flexibility - use the pre-built requirements templates for the most widely used standards & regulations, build or import your own to set-up your controls library.

Bitlogix Data Privacy Modeling

Data Privacy Modeling

Compliance with data protection and privacy regulations is a challenging task for companies with complex IT landscapes. Our Privacy Modeling tool can be used to design privacy into products and services, find laws applicable to using personal information and data, and guide users through complex privacy laws.

Bitlogix Vendor Risk Management

3rd Party Vendor Risk Management

Streamlines Third-Party Cyber Risk management with a centralized solution with minimal effort. Our efficient third-party risk management program, will arm you with greater insight into which third-party risks are putting your organization in a vulnerable position and need to be prioritized for mitigation.

Bitlogix Policy Hub

Policy Hub

Manage the entire lifecycle of your IT security policies and procedures with key features such as workflow automation, document creation and review, remote access, version control, notifications, employee assessments, audit-ready reporting, and much more.

Interested in the Bitlogix GRC Assessment Platform?

The Bitlogix GRC platform offers a drastic reduction of time in a risk assessment with a broader range of governance and cybersecurity frameworks to work with. It uses industry expertise, data-driven analysis and industry best practices to transform your security program management. The Bitlogix GRC platform also provides automatic tracking of all gap remediation efforts and full control of security road-map development.