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About Bitlogix

Bitlogix Corporation is an advanced analytics and IT security company. We provide to our clients IT security services, IoT network management products, and advanced analytics software solutions for IoT, cloud and on-premises IT environments. We work with our clients to strengthen their cloud security by identifying vulnerabilities and address those security concerns.

Bitlogix offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for the corporate, government, utility, defense, and education markets in North America and Europe.

We help organizations to protect and monitor IT and physical infrastructure, IoT hardware, networks, and cloud environments.

Our background is with IoT control and network management, secure software engineering, network security and software development for network infrastructure applications. Bitlogix was founded in 2002 with offices in Frisco, TX, United States and Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Some of our clients and customers

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Bitlogix - Harvard University

Harvard University

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