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About Bitlogix

Bitlogix develops Advanced Analytics, AI/ML and IT security software platforms. We provide to our clients software engineering services, IoT network management solutions, cloud, DevOps and cybersecurity services. We serve clients in the corporate, industrial, government, utility, defense, healthcare, and education markets mainly in North America and Europe.

"For over 20 years, we deliver IT services and solutions, including IoT device management, IT security, and supply chain and production optimization platforms to our clients for cloud and on-premises environments."

Robert Sterzing

CEO at Bitlogix 

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Bitlogix offers different types of software development outsourcing model including architecture, development, managed team extension, DevOps services, deployment, support services, and maintenance releases for our client's cloud, SaaS, embedded device, enterprise and advanced analytics application needs.

For clients with IT security requirements, Bitlogix works with those clients to strengthen their cybersecurity posture by identifying vulnerabilities, minimizing attack surfaces in the cloud and on-premisses, and address client's IT security concerns. 

Founded 2002 in Texas, we've called North Texas our home for two decades with our headquarters in Frisco, TX.

Some of our clients and customers

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Harvard University

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