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IT Security Services

Our cybersecurity teams have years of experience in IT security services, a passion for research and staying up to date with the latest security trends and a background that gives Bitlogix a thorough understanding of security controls and their specific weaknesses.

Armed with proficiency in multiple security application tools, network technologies and operating systems, as well as the ability to translate complex security aspects into business terms, we cover a wide range of industries from e-commerce, healthcare, defense, energy, telecommunication, custom software products and others.

Bitlogix Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud environments are constantly changing and it makes it difficult to quickly detect cyber threats and find mitigation strategies. A cloud security assessment can help organizations to identify and mitigate security risks in cloud infrastructures.

Bitlogix Internal Network Security Audit

Internal Network Security Audit

Internal network security assessments are simulating cyber attacks. Internal penetration tests determine what is the biggest risk in case of an already breached network.

Bitlogix Web App Penetration Testing

Web App Penetration Testing

The primary objective of a web application penetration test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in applications before cyber attacks exploit them. Our teams are specialized in testing for: SQL, XSS, CSRF - Injection, authentication and session management, sensitive data exposure checks, access control, and security misconfigurations.

Bitlogix IoT Security

IoT Security

Bitlogix's IoT security solutions are driving innovation so that we can realize the benefits of a totally connected world. When securing IoT we take care of: the device, the cloud infrastructure, the network.

Bitlogix Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Bitlogix performs penetration testing and code review on all platforms for mobile applications and has created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped for testing Android and iOS applications. We simulate a multitude of attacks, both general application attacks and mobile dedicated attacks.

Bitlogix Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development

Bitlogix cybersecurity engineers have deep expertise in software product development and we can help you build your secure software products. Learn how to architect, build and test software products in a secure manner.

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