Key Benefits

NetControl Key Benefits

NetControl AV Device Network Management Platform

  • Very cost effective control and management solution for audiovisual equipment.

  • No extra costs for ethernet interface if a network projector is used.

  • Use existing TCP/IP network infrastructure to access devices. No additional wiring is necessary.

  • Works over any Wi-Fi connection. NetControl can be used over WLAN 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g standard or the latest 802.11n pre-standard.

  • Increased flexibility. Software grows with your application demands.

  • Powerful 24/7 theft control functionality with e-mail messaging to regular e-mail accounts or digital cellular phones.

  • Generate customized event schedules and status reports for your audiovisual equipment.

Infrastructure Security, Cybersecurity, Anti-Theft Control

  • Monitor your investment by NetControl's powerful IT security feature.

  • Use mobile phone e-mail service to be independent.

  • Ease of mind. Alarm notification and e-mail message if devices are offline or removed.

IoT Device Event Manager

  • Reliable event control with big cost saving effects. Shut-down devices in the night and save i.e. projector lamp life.

  • Backup system for entertainment and rental market. Run events manually to control the devices during your “event”.

  • Stay in office and receive automated email reports about current lamp life.

Data Analytics

  • Plan service time more efficiently. Save time and money.

  • Give device support from your office.

  • Do filter & lamp maintenance at the right time.

IoT Device Control Manager

  • Priceless control solution for multiple device control.

  • Same user interface for different devices.

  • Database driven control solution. Easy to upgrade for future audio-visual device generations.