Bitlogix NetControl IoT Device Management Platform

Bitlogix NetControl offers management, control, and monitoring functionality to IoT display devices. The Bitlogix NetControl™ platform makes it easy to manage and monitor projectors, flat panel displays, LCD monitors, and serial device device servers form a centralized location. NetControl can run in a container, VM, and compute engine environment. NetControl supports the PJLink protocol.

Bitlogix NetControl Platform App

Bitlogix NetControl is designed to run in 24/7 projector control and management applications. The unique design of the Bitlogix NetControl software allows you to control your equipment from another building, town, country or continent. Enjoy the freedom of easy projector control through a TCP/IP network. 

Bitlogix NetControl, the IP control system, is designed for university campus, classroom control, government facilities, rental applications and medium to large sized companies with multi-floor and even multi-building presentation applications.

Platform Features

A powerful graphical user interface gives you important information about your projector devices. Many useful monitoring and management functions are provided through the database driven control manager, event manager, status report manager and the anti-theft control feature. 

IoT Device Control Manager

IoT Device Event Manager

Cybersecurity / Infrastructure Security

Data Analytics

Device Server and IoT Display Device Support

NetControl SmartZip and SmartLog Technologies

Get your Bitlogix NetControl trial software today and control and manage network projectors, video and data projectors, plasma & LCD displays for 30 days. No strings attached. IP control system install made easy!