Bitlogix NetControl IoT Network Management Platform

Bitlogix NetControl offers management, control, and monitoring functionality to IoT display devices. The Bitlogix NetControl™ platform makes it easy to manage and monitor projectors, flat panel displays, LCD monitors, and serial device device servers form a centralized location. NetControl can run in a container, VM, and compute engine environment. NetControl supports the PJLink protocol.

Bitlogix NetControl Platform App

Bitlogix NetControl is designed to run in 24/7 projector control and management applications. The unique design of the Bitlogix NetControl software allows you to control your equipment from another building, town, country or continent. Enjoy the freedom of easy projector control through a TCP/IP network.

Bitlogix NetControl, the IP control system, is designed for university campus, classroom control, government facilities, rental applications and medium to large sized companies with multi-floor and even multi-building presentation applications.

Platform Features

A powerful graphical user interface gives you important information about your projector devices. Many useful monitoring and management functions are provided through the database driven control manager, event manager, status report manager and the anti-theft control feature.

IoT Device Control Manager

  • Direct video and PC source switching (analog, digital, RGB, YUV, etc.)

  • Track bar control for volume and device feedback information

  • Extended lens shift control, zoom and focus control, audio and video mute, menu and cursor accessibility

  • Support of over projectors, network projectors, LCD Monitors & TVs, Plasma Displays and other devices - 3M, Anders+Kern, ASK Proxima, Boxlight, Canon, Christie, Dukane, Eiki, Epson, Extron, Hitachi, Infocus, Liesegang, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Proxima, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and ViewSonic

  • Advanced support for Sharp LC-M3700 LCD monitor (enlarge feature, brightness, contrast, color, tint, sharpness and CMS color control). Advanced panel lock function for Extron MLC 104, MLC 104 IP, and MLC 226 IP

  • Multiple device control of up to 100,000 IoT devices

  • Full PJLink Class 1 protocol support

IoT Device Event Manager

  • Add, edit, delete and run scheduled events

  • Assign standard functions to events (power on/off, input selection)

  • Generate status report, send status report e-mail

  • Group events to single device or location groups

Cybersecurity / Infrastructure Security

  • Theft alarm warning and email alarm if device is removed or not accessible

  • Detects missing TCP/IP interfaces in case of power outage or if device is disconnected from main power

  • E-mail alarm message can be sent to three different e-mail addresses or unlimited addresses with group address

  • Supports digital cellular phone e-mail size limitations

Data Analytics

  • Create customized reports (status report history data or latest data)

  • Setup report automation

  • Read device status, lamp time, remaining lamp life, lamp mode, picture setting, device temperature, input mode, input signal and audiovisual status

  • Status reports can be sent to two different e-mail addresses or unlimited e-mail addresses with group address

Device Server and IoT Display Device Support

  • Supports Eiki NPC-1, Extron IPL T S2, Extron IPL T S4, Extron IPL T S6, Extron MLC 104, MLC104 IP, MLC 226 IP, Lantronix UDS-10, Lantronix UDS100, and Sharp AN-LS1 TCP/IP network interfaces, search and locate network interfaces on the network (not supported by Extron)

  • Change network interface name, IP address, subnet mask, gateway and RS-232 settings (NPC-1 and Extron IP LINK / MLC)

  • Password protection support (NPC-1, AN-LS1, Lantronix UDS-10 and Lantronix UDS100, Extron IP LINK / MLC)

  • Support of direct network interface update functionality (NPC-1 and Extron IP LINK)

  • Support of Ethernet projectors; no additonal TCP/IP interface is required to work with network projectors

NetControl SmartZip and SmartLog Technologies

  • Session log files and report files are automatically compressed

  • Session log is recording user actions, alarms, events and settings for diagnostic use

  • Status report log file is recording all status report readings

Get your Bitlogix NetControl trial software today and control and manage network projectors, video and data projectors, plasma & LCD displays for 30 days. No strings attached. IP control system install made easy!