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Bitlogix NetControl 1.1 AV software supports SHARP LC-M3700 LCD monitor 

Dallas, TX, February 25, 2004 - NetControl™ 1.1 Advanced Package supports the SHARP LC-M3700 LCD monitor with its latest software update. NetControl™ is a software tool for audiovisual applications to assist in controlling and maintaining projectors, plasma displays, and LCD monitors over an ordinary TCP/IP network.

With its latest software update NetControl™ supports many useful control features for the SHARP LCD monitor LC-M3700. In addition to power control, volume level adjustment, and input switching the new NetControl™ 1.1 software update gives the user the ability to change brightness, contrast, color, tint and RGB gain values over a TCP/IP network. NetControl™ also supports Sharp’s color-management system (CMS), which provides advanced controls for each major color: red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, and cyan. The user can fine-tune each of these colors within a designated range to make the image more accurate or to suit the user’s taste. Additional controls for color temperature, auto synchronization, picture wide mode, and picture flip are also included in the advanced control of the NetControl™ software.

The most brilliant NetControl™ improvement is the full support of the Sharp LC-M3700 enlarge features. The user can split the actual input signal to four (2x2) or nine (3x3) different sub-images to use the Sharp LC-M3700 in a video wall application. NetControl™ allows the comfortable control of all sub-images of the video wall. With NetControl™ the user can track audiovisual devices over a network using TCP/IP network interfaces like the SHARP AN-LS1 or the EIKI NPC-1. 

A user-friendly graphical software interface gives you important information about your AV devices. Many useful control functions are provided through the database driven control manager, event manager, status report manager and the anti-theft control. NetControl™ 1.1 Advanced Package gives you the ability to do remote maintenance from your computer without actually seeing the AV device. It is designed to run in 24/7 applications. NetControl™ 1.1 is designed for use with Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Microsoft® Windows® XP.

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Bitlogix Corporation, headquartered in Frisco, TX, develops and markets network management software and hardware to monitor and manage IoT devices, displays and projectors over LAN or WAN. Bitlogix's products are designed for IT infrastructures of enterprise, government, defense, healthcare, and education customers, where large groups of IoT devices and sensors need to be monitored. 

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