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Bitlogix® NetControl® Advanced software 1.8 beta release is available for evaluation 

Dallas, TX, April 20, 2005 – Bitlogix Software LLC is updating its popular NetControl® audio visual device control software. Registered NetControl users and qualified interested customers can request a NetControl 1.8 software beta release download. The new software release will offer driver support for Epson, Panasonic and Hitachi projectors in addition to the currently supported list of over 250 models of various brand names. NetControl 1.8 is also offering support for Eiki, Epson, Hitachi and Sharp network projectors. An external network interface is not needed for NetControl to connect with these network projectors. Customers can save a significant amount of money by not installing expensive network adapters. 

NetControl now offers basic support for the Lantronix UDS-10 device along with integrated support for Eiki, Extron, and Sharp external network devices if the user has older projector models and the need for an external network interface. The final NetControl 1.8 release will support over 380 different projector models. NetControl’s user interface has been enhanced and now Windows 2000 users can enjoy XP-like menu designs. Bitlogix also included an error report module to allow users to report software problems to Bitlogix with just one button click. NetControl 1.8 Advanced is very easy to install, intuitive to manage, and highly reliable.

The final NetControl Advanced 1.8 update version will be available in the middle of May to allow school and university customers to install this latest software release during their summer break. 

About Bitlogix

Bitlogix Corporation, headquartered in Frisco, TX, develops and markets network management software and hardware to monitor and manage IoT devices, displays and projectors over LAN or WAN. Bitlogix's products are designed for IT infrastructures of enterprise, government, defense, healthcare, and education customers, where large groups of IoT devices and sensors need to be monitored. 

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