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Bitlogix® NetControl® Network Projector Control Software Version 1.10 Now Shipping

New software release of NetControl® Advanced projector control software seamlessly integrates new network projectors into network-based audio visual device management. 

Dallas, TX, February 04, 2009 – Bitlogix Software LLC today announced the immediate availability of Bitlogix® NetControl® Advanced 1.10, the latest version of the innovative audio visual control software for LAN/WAN environments. NetControl includes driver support for the latest network projectors from Epson, Hitachi, NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, and ViewSonic and dramatically increases remote management and monitoring capabilities, allowing customers to control projectors and flat panel displays with a software-based control solution for the LAN/WAN. NetControl now supports over 675 different projector models and 23 projector brands.

NetControl offers a powerful theft control engine that allows customers to monitor online projectors over a network connection. The software sends out e-mail alert messages to digital cell phones, security systems or other first response systems when an alert is triggered. NetControl also offers an event management system for scheduling management tasks such as a remaining projector lamp and filter time summary or projector status read. Reports are automatically generated and can be delivered by e-mail. The Control Manager of NetControl gives the user the ability to directly control one projector or as many as he wants simultaneously over the network connection. This function is essential for help desk applications and online support requests.

Bitlogix also included an error report module to allow users to report software problems to Bitlogix with just one button click. NetControl 1.10 Advanced is very easy to install, intuitive to manage, and highly reliable.

NetControl Advanced 1.10 builds on Bitlogix’s strategy of providing customers freedom of choice for their audio visual equipment investments and the ability to offer a software-based control and automation solution without the need to use cost intensive hardware control systems.

About Bitlogix

Bitlogix Corporation, headquartered in Frisco, TX, develops and markets network management software and hardware to monitor and manage IoT devices, displays and projectors over LAN or WAN. Bitlogix's products are designed for IT infrastructures of enterprise, government, defense, healthcare, and education customers, where large groups of IoT devices and sensors need to be monitored. 

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