Bitlogix SDS5110N Device Server

Serial Device Server, RS232 Single-Port
Part Number: 248-45830

Bitlogix SDS5110N Device Server

The Bitlogix NetControl SDS5110N Ethernet Control Interface is a universal single-port serial device server that makes legacy LCD and DLP projectors, Plasma and LCD Displays manageable over a network connection. 

The Bitlogix SDS5110N device server is equipped with surge protection for the serial port, the Ethernet interface and the power connection. Together with the NetControl® network management platform the SDS5110N is a powerful ethernet control interface to remotely monitor and manage projector equipment over a network (LAN or WAN).

Web-based Management

Included features are full system management of system status and settings, firmware upgrade, remote reboot by using various accessibility options such as, telnet, serial console port or web browser. The Bitlogix SDS5110N features a high performance embedded web server with security features such as IP filtering for the serial port.

Bitlogix SDS5110N Web-based Management

Panel Layout

The SDS5110N is the ideal solution for users who are looking for a cost-effective, secure and scalable Ethernet control interface for legacy RS232 audio visual equipment (projectors, flat-panel displays, media control systems, switchers, audio applications, etc.) control.

Bitlogix SDS5110N Panel Layout


Ordering Information

Bitlogix's serial device servers can be purchased through Bitlogix, distributors, or local resellers. Please contact Bitlogix to find out the best ordering method for your needs.

Part Number: 248-45830

Model & Description:
SDS5110N, Single-Port Serial Device Server, 1x RS232 DB9, 110 bps to 230.4 Kbps, 10/100 Mbps RJ45, External Power Adaptor, Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM with Software and Documentation, 5-year Limited Warranty


Bitlogix SDS5110N Specifications