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Supported Device Servers

A TCP/IP interface should be safe, secure and reliable. Even in the most demanding application a Ethernet Control Interface must provide 100% performance. Our first choice are Bitlogix TCP/IP Interfaces. Bitlogix interfaces are proven in mission critical applications and offer the highest performance and security in their class.

We also offer support for other network interfaces. The following products are tested and recommend by us:

  • Eiki NPC-1

  • Extron IPL T S1

  • Extron IPL T S2

  • Extron IPL T S4

  • Extron IPL T S6

  • Extron MLC 104 IP

  • Extron MLC 226 IP

  • Global Caché GC-100-06

  • Global Caché GC-100-12

  • Global Caché GC-100-18

  • Lantronix UDS-10

  • Lantronix UDS100

  • Lantronix USD1100

  • Sharp AN-LS1